Mouse patch for roblox made with wine tkg
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Wine-tgk Roblox Mouse Patch

This patch (the binary) built on Arch linux and AMD (that's why it only says "free sync" in it's name.

How to use:

If you love aur (who does not?)

  • If you love git and compiling!
yay -S wine-roblox-git
  • If you lazy and want binary!

If you do not want aur (arr!)

  • download binary file (that ends with pkg.tar.zst) and:
sudo pacman -U {BINARY-FILE}.pkg.tar.zst

(dependencies will be same as wine/wine staging)

Some Thanks:

  1. God (yes i'm doing this)
  2. This youtube video:
  3. This Wiki:
  4. And of course the people working on wine and wine tgk and people who made mouse patch <3