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Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸

Redirect Israel is a small JS that redirects your Israelis visitors to some other pages as a way to show support for Palestine 🇵🇸

How to use

Go to https://redirectrussia.org/ and configure what you want, Detect IPs only or IP and Timezones (for example) after you finish simply remove the sorce https://redirectrussia.org/v1.js and integrity and link it to my JS file

So it will be changed from:

<script src="https://redirectrussia.org/v1.js" data-redirect-url="https://palestine.esmailelbob.xyz" data-hide-domain="hide" async integrity="sha384-K4/XEYup4kNv/qt2ucIwIH2wLT9I+z3s17CHQNMBB2/E8/Kw2VYsXQKB/7kylubA" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


<script src="main.js" data-redirect-url="https://palestine.esmailelbob.xyz" data-hide-domain="hide" async crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

But why?

Really? Because Israel is bad. https://wikiless.esmailelbob.xyz/wiki/2022_Al-Aqsa_Mosque_storming and https://libreddit.esmailelbob.xyz/uoq4rx so yup!